Onion & Dill Dip & Dressing Mix
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Onion & Dill Dip & Dressing Mix

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Our customers asked us to make an onion version of our very popular Gotta Have Garlic & Dill Dip. And here it is! It's hand-blended with onion, dill, parsley, chives, leeks, sea salt and lemon peel. SO good with everything and anything you can dip.  Also lovely as an olive oil dip and salad dressing. Sour cream, plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, Turkish yogurt, a good olive oil -- it's delicious with all of it.

Dips:  Mix 2 TB with 1 Cup sour cream or yogurt. Allow to blend for 30 minutes before serving. 

Salad Dressing:  Mix 2 TB with 8 oz. olive oil & vinegar. Adjust to taste.

Marinade:  Mix one (1) TB with ½ cup of olive oil. Rub into meat or seafood before grilling, roasting or frying.

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