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Black & Pink Himalayan Salt Grind

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We created this blended salt grind to introduce the wonderfully flavorful and very distinctive black Himalayan sea salt to our customers. 

Also called "kala namak", "kala noon", "Sulemani namak", and "bit lobon", black Himalayan salt is a staple in vegan and vegetarian cuisine because of its eggy, sulphuric taste. It adds a unique flavor boost to any food. A little goes a long way, so we blend it with pure pink Himalayan salt for an easy to use table salt alternative. 

The pungent aroma and flavor come from sodium chloride and sulfur compounds and the dark purple-to-pink color results from iron sulfide in the salt, which was originally mined from natural halite in what is now Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and India. It's still produced in the salt-mining region around the Himalayas.

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