Simply Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix
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Simply Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix

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Sometimes all you want is a bit of cinnamon in your hot cocoa to warm you up on a cold day. That's why we mix our Simply Cinnamon Hot Cocoa. It's a lovely blend of premium Dutch cocoa, U.S. grown cane sugar, pure ground cinnamon and a touch of sea salt to enhance the cocoa flavor. That's it. No artificial ingredients, no dairy and no synthetic vanillin that you can find in so many other hot cocoa and hot chocolate mixes.

Make a steaming cup of hot cocoa or try a teaspoon in your morning coffee or stirred into cold milk. It's also truly yummy on everything from ice cream to breakfast foods to chocolates.

Each 4.0 oz. net weight pouch contains about 6 servings. Spoon out what you need and re-close it to retain freshness.

To make hot chocolate (cocoa + milk or non-dairy milk): Add or whisk 1 rounded TB of cocoa into 6 oz. hot milk, a non-dairy milk beverage or water.

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